Posted by: communitycop | September 9, 2007

Jeffrey D. Harp Funeral Services


Additional Furneral Services for Jeff Harp will be held

Saturday September 15, 2007 @

Foster Phillips Funeral Home

  • Viewing 9am – 10am
  • Services 10am -11am

Address 179-24 Linden Blvd btw Merrick & Farmers Blvd


Final resting place will be Pine Lawn Memorial Park @ Farmingdale LI

Jeffrey D.Harp was a highly decorated police officer who received several awards & accomodations working with the New York City  Housing Police Department in 1983.

Jeff (as he is affectionately called) was a driven man, recieving a Bachelors Degree in Criminology for John Jay College in NYC and attaining several credits towards a Masters Degree.  Jeff later became a successful entrepreneur- owning several businesses ranging from real estate to a limonsine service.  He was also a private driver for David Sterling, CEO of Sterling & Sterling Insurance until his departure. 

Jeff was truly a Renaissance man, a vessel used mightily by God to affect and inspire those he came in contact with.  No one was ever a stranger to him.  Countless people will forever remember his fathering, his kindness, encouragement & affection.  Jeff never grew tired of helping anyone. 

His generosity was overwhelming… he will truly be missed.



  1. May his soul rest in peace….My deepest sympathy to his family and friends…he will be missed dearly!!!

  2. Jeff was truly a dear friend. His personality and demeanor never changed-his spirit was good. My prayers go out to his family and children, we need more good men like Jeff.


    Friends fuss, fight, sometimes beg to disagree,
    but there at a blink of an eye, to be all that they can be.

    Friends lose touch and sometimes don’t talk much
    off busy and doing their own thing,
    but there if you ever need them, on standby and waiting for that ring.

    It’s easy to play catch-up, when you talk to a friend, they hold no sort of grudge,
    never quick to judge,
    even when u make a mistake,
    they’re there to help you through it, no matter what it takes.

    A friend you can always count on, will be there when you call,
    and will never turn their back on you even when you fall.
    Ready to do what’s necessary, pulling up their sleeves,
    never have to ask them twice or even beg please.

    When things are tight, you get into a jam, looking for a listening ear,
    they’ll keep it real and tell you the deal, even if you really don’t want to hear.

    And, when you need that push, a shove, or even a kick in the rear,
    a friend is the one that if you ask for help, will be there just because they care.

    Through thick and thin, sickness and health, good as well as bad times,
    here today gone tomorrow a bond that last a lifetime.

    They touch your life in many ways, make you laugh, and sometimes cry
    showing you love, an occasional hug,
    there keeping you on track,
    ‘cause they’ve got your back.

    Some friends are few and far between,
    most can count them on one hand.
    ‘My friend’, he touched so many lives, a unique individual indeed,
    if you ask a friend who was JEFF “My Man” a very rear breed.

    Love Ya Always, Tiffany aka “Honey B”

  4. This message is for Oswald Thompson, 9/11/07 made the 1 year anniversary of his death (home going). Rest in peace and you are truly missed. All my love always Your MADDIE

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