Posted by: communitycop | July 28, 2010


New York City settles for 7.15 million in the wrongful death shooting of Sean Bell who was shot and killed in a hail of 50 bullets by police officers in outside of Club Kalua in Queens on November 26, 2006 just hours before his wedding.  The settlement approved by the federal magistrate judge in Brooklyn will pay 3.25 million to the Sean Bell estate, and $3 million to Jose Guzman who was also shot—11 times and $900,000 to Trent Benefield who was shot three times.

The three of the five detectives involved in the shooting Detectives Oliver, Isnora and Cooper were tried and acquitted of manslaughter  and reckless endangerment charges in 2008, with federal prosecutors declining to open a civil-rights case against them—citing insufficient evidence. The two other officers, Detective Paul Headley and Officer Michael Carey, were not indicted.

Nicole Paultre-Bell stated that she believed the settlement was fair.

Do you agree?  We would like to know what you think?


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