Community Cop Host

Community Cop is hosted by Father Lucas Community activist & NYC Chaplin for Department of Corrections, and Michael Greys, Julian Harp & Noel Leader, original founders of 100 Black in Law Enforcement Who Care. As Ozzie, each of these members brings years of expertise and knowledge of criminal justice system.

Father Lawrence Lucas

Noel Leader

Julian Harper

Michael Greys



  1. I missed the first half of today’s show. Please tell me how I can get a copy or transcript of this and past shows.
    Loved it!

  2. You brothers are a great asset in this day and time.
    I feel more conscious about the events of NYPD, as they work in our communities.

    As far as the police force across the United States, I see that the abuse of force is really starting to reach new heights, especially in the neighborhoods of people of color.

    I see more abuse of the Taser Apparatus, from the police force used on American citizens nationally. And I am concerned that it will be used more in the black and latino community, with detrimental and rampant behavior as oppose to the gun.

    Hotep To All

  3. I caught the last end of the show. You have real good topics.
    Are you all on facebook?

    Thank you

  4. I think you show is taking race relations too far, the black community needs to stop opressing the white community.

    Blacks have made great advancement but still harbour alot of racial tensions.

    Why cant there be a W.E.T. a White Entertainment Television. This would create WWIII in America

  5. I need to contact Noel Leader about invasion of my home and what should I do
    about this situation.

    Adrienne Grist

  6. It happens several times a week. Sometimes articles and papers are stolen.

  7. My apartment is still being invaded and articles stolen. I have notified the police and the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Dept. I have an alarm system installed and a camera. The thieves seem to be able to control these devices and turn them on or off whenever they choose to do so.

    Can you give me any advice??

  8. I have been victim of numerous thefts from criminals invading my home. When I call the police they don’t appear to take me seriously. The officers refused to come in the
    door and I was forced to discuss my case at the door which was across from the apartment where I believe the thieves live. The officers took no notes and kept treating me as though I was mentally unstable. What should I do regarding this situation.

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