Posted by: communitycop | December 1, 2007

Watch Community Cop “LIVE” Every Tuesday IN THE BRONX!!!

Community Cop can now be seen “LIVE” in the Bronx every Tuesday at 5pm.  (Bxnet Channel TBA)  This means that Bronx residents can now particiapte in the live discussion as breaking news is unveiled by our host Father Lawrence Lucas-community activist and Marq Claxton, Julian Harper, Noel Leader of the 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care.   

Community Cop offers updated and breaking news coverage on police

and law enforcement issues while examining & monitoring the impact of the

criminal justice system in local communities throughout the New York

City/Metropolitan area.

To join in on the discussion call 212/757-1394 or log onto at 5pm

and click “channel 34”.



  1. I feel that you men are doing a really great justice. It is imperative that we as black people know and understand what is going on in our neighborhood.
    I find it to be outlandish that we are going in reverse
    through history. I am a single mother to a young black male and I am thankful that there are true men that fight for equality of the future.

    I thank you for all that you as a whole has done and is doing!

    God Bless!

  2. I’ve been trying to inform you about the 20,000 coffins in Atlanta, Ga.
    To the call on the 12/2/08 show search “the black secret societies”
    And the New World Order comes from researching the Zeigest movie, the esoteric agenda, and the c-span presentation given by dennis kosenagk reguarding the closed secret meetings
    all of this information is all over the internet at and
    Please excuse the spelling errors; tried to reach you before the end of the show. Bless U All

  3. HAHA You fools kept getting pranked by Howard’s minions! You are all ignorant fools!!! AHAHAHA!!!

  4. Would you rather have to deal with Cuomo???

    Well that’s your option if you don’t stop joining the white media and the labor unions relentless bashing of David Paterson.

    We have the first black president, first black Attorney general, first black governor, first black state majority leader, we got Eric Adams, Al Sharpton, Charles Barron, Calvin Butts, and the other good Reverend from south Queens etc etc.


    But now is not the time for crab in the barrel syndrome. No matter what beef you may have with a particular black leader, it seems like the sun, moon and stars are alined for a major shift in policy in favor of black people.

    If you’re talking about applying pressure to keep our current black leadership focused on black people, that’s cool. But we have to be mindful of our options. The time to destroy our leaders is not when we’re in power.

    For to long we’ve shown BLIND UNITY to so called black leaders who talked a good game, but they really didn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things.

    Now we have legislators in place that are more sensitive to black issues and the black agenda.

    NOW is the time for BLIND UNITY!

    A couple of weeks back the brother asked me what did Paterson ever do for black people.

    Well now he does have a chance to do something if we push him in the right direction…

    Click on the link:

  5. I understand that because of the parameters that come with broadcasting on MNN, there are certain things one can and cannot say while “On air”. However, I am hoping your organization can help me find and/or understand what it is I can or must do to fight back against the injustices of the white supremacist power structure…

    It seems like the “devils” have plenty of para-military organizations at their disposal. As much as I love my people (Black folk) I need to know what organization I can join, that will guarantee me the chance to FIGHT BACK.

  6. Wow…that last writer sure seems like a black racist. I admit, I have only heard your show clips on the howard stern show, but it is admirable how you deal with the prank calls – you never get upset, and calmly and rationally deal with the interruptions. While I find the calls humorous as shown on Howard stern, I find your reaction to those same calls rather admirable.

    However, listeners like this “faze” fellow above simply are living in the past. “Para-military organizations”? And what he wants is to “fight back?” I had hoped that as a society we have moved past such ideas of violence and retribution to perceived slights and imagined injustices.

    It is just a sad state of affairs that young men feel that they need to join some sort of secret society to implement violent reactions to what they feel is happening in society. I certainly hope that you ignore people like him just as much as you successfully ignore the harmless pranksters like the ones from the Howard stern show.

  7. First of all Faze is not a racist, he is a realist. Second President Obama is not the first African American President, it is John Hanson. Thirdly, learn your history from your people not the white media. Fourthly, why when we speak from our hearts, we are racist like it is bad thing for us.

    Lets set the record straight, if look up “ism”, on the Merriam Webster online dictionary, it will tell you that it means doctrine or theory. Are you then saying that African Americans experience mean spirited white folks on doctrine and theory?

    We catch hell.

    And let me follow up. Being African American does not constitute a soul loving agenda for our people. Just because the the skin is melanated, is not a criteria for leadership. Money rules and corrupts. Just look at churches in the hood. Pure corruption of masses and the minds.

    Re-learn Marcus Garvey Agenda

    Re-learn Patrice Lumumba Legacy


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