OZZIE THOMPSON The Original Community Cop“Community Cop” was the vision of Ozzie Thompson ‘the Original Community Cop” former host & producer, who was inspired to create this show, during the creation of “WE ARE PEOPLE TOO!” – a documentary depicting the history of black law enforcers in America. (developed by Ozzie and produced by Positive Communications for the National Black Police Association). The program won a CEBA Award (Communications Excellence in Black Achievements), and was instrumental in winning the Public Access and Lease Award for the Cable TV show “All About Us”. During that production Ozzie made several guest appearances on a variety of radio and television shows including WLIB’s “GBE with Imhotep Gary Byrd, who helped formulated the concept of Community Cop; WLIB’s “Urban Notebook—police segment report,” hosted by Kae Thompson, and “All About Us,” A cable TV show hosted by Carol Moorer. After several years of preparation Community Cop was born!

Ozzie ThompsonOzzie’s philosophy “If you want to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement officials, then you must open up the lines of communication—thereby establishing a forum that will enable both parties to engage in a healthy and safe dialogue.” Community Cop provided that venue and still continues to do so today.

Guest are invited from various different organizations throughout the Criminal Justice System to sit down & discuss issues of Police and Community Relations.

Today Community Cop is hosted by Father Lucas Community activist & NYC Chaplin for Department of Corrections, and Michael Greys, Julian Harp & Noel Leader, original founders of 100 Black in Law Enforcement Who Care. As Ozzie, each of these members brings years of expertise and knowledge of criminal justice system. Additionally, through our independent network of partners, we also supply other local networks with video footage of breaking stories in which we cover daily.


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